What is the difference between perfume oils and traditional perfume?

Perfume oil uses the highest quality and the highest concentrate of perfume permissible for use on the skin. By doing this, perfume oil provides one the richest forms of personal fragrance you can purchase. Also, by using perfume oil, it means we are not using any alcohol or other fillers in your product. Traditional perfumes use alcohol to dilute the perfume concentrate. Whilst at first spray traditional perfumes may smell strong, the evaporation of the alcohol means the fragrance also evaporates - leaving dried skin, signs of ageing and the need to have to reapply multiple times throughout the day

How long do perfume oils last?

This will vary from each individual. Most users report that MIYOKO fragrances last for 5-8hrs. This will vary on how much you apply and the activity you are going to be doing whilst wearing the oils. But the bottles are so convenient that you can take them with you if you want to reapply throughout the day.

Are your fragrances Uni-sex?

Yes! In the perfume world we describe scents to be either feminine, masculine or somewhere in between. At MIYOKO, we prefer not to categorise whether our scents are for men or women, but rather give you a scale of where they sit between the perfume description of masculine or feminine. Just check the scale on the product description

Are perfume oils the same as essential oils?

Whilst both smell beautiful and sometimes look the same, perfume oils are not the same as essential oils. They are made from natural and synthetic fragrances and are only to be used for cosmetic and beauty purposes. So with keeping this mind, make sure you don't put them in your diffusers or mistake them for having any healing properties. 

Can I become a stock-lister?

Yep! We would love to collaborate with store owners and other businesses. Hit us up at hello@miyoko.shop